Daze Apple Salt Series – Guava – (30 , 50) mg – 30ml


Product Desription:

Daze Salt Series Guava by Reds Apple eJuice sounds fancy, but you don’t have to go to a pretentious grocery store if you want to try it out. Keep the blender packed away and enjoy this salt nicotine blend where classic meets exotic. You don’t enjoy this tropical mix as if there were a point to be proven, just that you simply want a sweet apple vape juice to puff on. For a subtle taste of tropical guava, Reds made the right choice combining these two fruits. Such a low maintenance blend is the perfect way for this exotically green delight to express its sweetly succulent potential. With a sense of unknown mystery from the tropical star you rarely taste, this rich apple e-juice will revitalize the drink as we know it.